swindon reach and wash pro-7


The Reach and Wash Pro-7 System for window cleaning, is the world's most advanced filtration system, featuring a six-stage water treatment process. Its unique sixth filter recycles 100% of the waste water, reducing water consumption by up to 60%. Within its water treatment, a process called 'reverse osmosis' works alongside carbon sediment and mixed bed de-mineralising resin, producing the industries purest laboratory-grade water.


The purified water is delivered to our fleet of specially equipped vans holding up to 1000 litres of window cleaning water to bring to your site. Our window cleaners then heat the water to temperatures between 70°C and 80°C with the Reach and Wash Thermo Pure delivery units. The system's ergo-lite telescopic carbon fibre poles deliver this heated pure water to the surface, where a double-trim brush aggravates the dirt. The water strives to return to its previously impure state, rapidly absorbing the dirt, chemicals and minerals on the window surface.

thermo-pure wiltshire window cleaning
reach and wash swindon window cleaner

Following our window cleaners thorough rinsing, the remaining heated pure water dries quickly and evenly to a brilliant spotless and streak-free finish. In addition, unlike traditional window cleaning methods that leave a thin film of dirt-attracting detergent on the glass, the Reach and Wash Pro-7 Thermo Pure sterilises windows and surfaces, ensuring they stay cleaner for longer.