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work at height regulations | on your level

On 6 April 2005, the Work at Height Regulations (WHR 2005) took effect, stating that no work should be performed at height if there is a safe and practicable alternative. The new legislation makes the 'duty holder' – a person controlling the work of others – responsible for ensuring onsite work complies with the rules.

This means that as a contracts manager or premises owner, you and your organisation could face prosecution if your supplier fails to follow the letter of the law, while your insurance company may reject a claim.

With h2o cleaning limited, you can relax knowing our window cleaning systems and services comply fully with the regulations. Using the Reach and Wash Thermo Pure System, we can clean windows, atria, paneling, canopies and fascia up to 65-feet high (six floors) from the safety of the ground. Featuring light water-fed telescopic poles, the system also eliminates the need for potentially dangerous ladders and costly high-access equipment.

To view the Health & Safety Executive's (HSE) Work at Height Regulations 2005 (a brief guide), please click here.

To view the full Work at Height Regulations 2005, please click here.

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